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Reality Is Beyond Thought

Conversations on Compassion with Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart Tolle Omega 7

Eckhart Tolle Omega 6

Eckhart Tolle Omega 2001 Session 5

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Eckhart Tolle Omega 3 2001 - Grace Came in and Presence Emerged

Eckhart Tolle at the Omega Institute 2001, Session 2

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Can We Trust Our Feelings and Intuition?

How To Find  What is Truly Important in Life

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How Mindfulness Can Bring Balance to Your World

Special Live Teaching

The Role of Sex in Consciousness

School of Awakening: Become Free from the Overthinking Mind (Part 2)

Eckhart’s Perspective on Jesus's Teachings

How Can I Decide Who Is to Be My Partner?

What is God?

Eckhart explores God, some of his favourite Bible passages, and how even the most profound concepts are limited by language.

You Are the Consciousness of the Universe 

In this 20 minute meditation, Eckhart talks about stepping out of thought, why we are the consciousness of the universe and self-esteem.

The Deep Meaning of the Cross

Eckhart discusses God, the emanation of the source of all life and the deep meaning we find in the image of the cross.

The Deepest Spiritual Practice 

Eckhart shares a powerful spiritual practice that you can implement anywhere you are.

You Do Not Have a Life

Our true identity is revealed in Eckhart's lecture, and how we, rather than having a life, are actually life itself.

Laughter Breaks Through the Ego